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We had contacts in all but seven ARRL Sections, lacking only Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, South New Jersey, Delaware, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

We logged 357 CW contacts, 9 digital contacts, and 325 Phone contacts.

We will likely earn additional credit for the use of emergency off-grid power, solar power, media publicity, visit by served agency representatives, public operation, ARRL information table, Get-on-the-Air (GOTA) station, ARRL bulletin reception, and others.

The participants are as follows, in no particular order:

Bob Harrison, W6RFH

Rich Gerardi, AA6VX

Dennis Daniel, KM6DF

Dave Dowler, KA6BFB

Dave Nelson, AB6DU

Brent MacDonough, K6BTM

Larry Brim, KI6FBT

Daniel Brim, KI6FBU

John Portune, W6NBC

Win Campbell, K7NKF

Paul Andreasen, K1JAN

Jesse Ochoa, KI6JJZ

Anne Carey, K6ATC

Ernie Sloan, W6ND

Eric Lemmon, WB6FLY

Visitors representing served agencies were:

LtCol Christina Anderson, Commander of the 30th Space Communications Squadron

Roy Dugger, KF6QEJ, American National Red Cross

Dick Norton, N6AA, ARRL Southwestern Division Director

Non-Licensed visitors were: Bill McMillan, Indyne Corporation

Mike McAndrew, Photographer for the Santa Maria Times

Patrick Heskett, 30th Security Forces Squadron

Zachary Lane, 30th Security Forces Squadron

Special credit for the success of this Field Day operation is due to Dave Dowler for his IT expertise in getting the wireless network up and running, to Rich Gerardi for his incredible Morse Code ability, and (of course) to Dennis Daniel for his "famous" breakfast burritos which made the effort worthwhile. Bob Harrison stuck it out from beginning to end, and made a huge contribution to the Phone tally. This was a fun event, and thanks to all who helped make it a success!