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DIRECTIONS TO THE CLUB: 34° 48' 50.41" N, 120° 30' 01.26" W


Coming from the north, from Santa Maria through Casmalia: 

From the intersection of South Broadway and Betteravia Road in Santa Maria, go west on Betteravia, then bear left as the road becomes Mahoney Road. Continue heading south as the road becomes Black Road. Go straight (south) at the flashing red light, toward Casmalia. The road becomes the Lompoc-Casmalia Road. Stay on this road until you pass a flashing yellow light, and immediately turn left onto Bishop Road. Follow Bishop Road past the golf-ball looking structures, and continue on the narrow road for 3/4 mile to the Clubhouse. 

Remember that on an active reservation. ALL rules posted MUST be obeyed.

Security Forces cut little or no slack in these tense times. 

Coming from the south and Lompoc: 

From the intersection of the Lompoc-Casmalia Road and Highway 1, go north on Highway 1 over the hill, and at the bottom of the hill, turn left onto San Antonio Road - West. Bear right at the fork and head north toward Casmalia. Continue north on Lompoc-Casmalia Road until you pass a flashing yellow light, then immediately turn right onto Bishop Road. Follow Bishop Road to the Clubhouse as described above.

In the event of a national emergency, Bishop road could be blocked with an access barrier. On club meeting days, you will have to drive around the devices installed to slow traffic ahead of the access point. You may then proceed past the satellite tracking station and continue on Bishop road to the clubhouse. If you get lost or otherwise confused as to how to get to the clubhouse, call 877-980-9622 or, on your 2 meter radio, call W6AB on 145.140 Mhz with CTCSS 131.8 tone.

hover on the map to see a closer view of Bishop Road