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HOW TO GET THERE -- Maps below 

Hwy 101, from the North 

Exit Hwy 101 1.8 mi. south of Clark Ave. (south side of Santa Maria/Orcutt ) onto the small frontage road (PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: it comes up quickly, right after the yellow T-junction sign, There is no turn-around on 101 for 5 mi. ) 

Follow the frontage road 0.1 mi. (It bends left). 

Turn right through the gate at the BREITBURN sign(s) 

Follow this road and signs to NEWLOVE PICNIC GROUNDS (map below) 

Park in the large grassy area on the right as you enter.


Hwy 101, from the South 

Exit Hwy 101 at Clark Ave. ( south side of Santa Maria/Orcutt ) 

Turn left to cross over Hwy 101 and left again back onto Hwy 101 southbound. 

Now follow directions above for from the North. 

 Click to see a panoramic photo of the Newlove picnic grounds

Click here to open PDF map for printing  


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